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Terms and Conditions

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Order Quantity

The order unit is the standard box and the minimum box quantity that you can order is ¼ box, so you can order 0.25 box, 0.50 box, 1 box, 1.25 boxes, 1.50 boxes, 2.00 boxes, etc. of a fish species.

We suggest a minimum order of 10 standard boxes (approximate weight 100 kg) because the airlines will calculate the freight cost having 100 kg as the minimum chargeable weight. That means that the freight cost for an order of 10 standard boxes and the freight cost for an order of 5 standard boxes will be the same.

If you need your order to be packed in double boxes please let us know when sending the order.


Packing Details

All the fish are packed in pressurized and oxygenated double polyurethane plastic bags inside styrofoam boxes, followed with corrugated box sealed with appropriate markings of shipment details.

Boxes information

  • Standard box:
    • Dimensions: 42cm x 38cm x 32cm.
    • Weight: 9.5-11 Kg per box.
  • Double box:
    • Dimensions: 66cm x 43cm x 34cm.
    • Weight: 19-22 kg per box.

In order to make no waste in bags we will not feed the fish within the two days prior to the shipping.

The packing densities listed on the stock list are only indications for fish packed to endure flight duration excluding unforeseen delays during transit.


Price & Other Charges

Prices of every product can be changed any time without notice and will be advised in our next offer or new stock/price list.

  • Standard box cost: USD9.00 per box
  • Double box cost: USD18.00 per box
  • Heat packs cost:USD1.50 each
  • Health Certificate cost: USD40.00
  • Origin Certificate cost: USD20.00

Specific freight rates for your shipment will be calculated and discussed with you prior to the delivery of your order. Accurate freight quotes requires the airport code where you will receive your order.



Please communicate with the sales representative that is handling your account.



For new customers, we require 100% advance payment by Wire Transfer. Payment must be received in our account before we ship and must cover cost of goods, packaging cost and exports documentation charges.

Transfer fee must be paid by consignee.

For regular customers credit facilities can be given



The customer will receive the goods 8 working days after we received the money in our account. This time is needed for quarantine, fish check and export documentation. The delivery is made by air plane and normally will reach you within 48 hours. In any case, delivery time depends on air cargo space. We ship from El Dorado International Airport located in Bogota, Colombia (BOG).

Please notify us early if Health Certificate and/or Origin Certficate is needed so that there won't be any delay in the delivery.


Guarantee & Claims (DOA)

Under normal flight/shipment conditions, our records have shown more than 95% alive on arrival at destination airport.

Claims on DOA (Death On Arrival) must be submitted by purchaser in two reports.

  • The Initial DOA Report must be submitted within 4 hours of shipment delivery. Without the Initial DOA Report any claim of DOA will not be valid and thus will not be accepted.
  • The Final DOA Report is optional and if needed must be submitted within 24 hours of shipment arrival. If the Final DOA Report is not received, the claim will be bound to the Initial DOA Report.

Photographic evidence of any DOA may be required and must be submitted to us by email for verification and acknowledgement as soon as they’re requested. We only accept quality pictures which clearly reveal the quantity in detail of the DOA reported. If the pictures don’t show clearly the quantity, the DOA claim will not be accepted. Our guarantee does not cover the shipping cost, applicable packing charge or required documents.

Losses due to carrier delay or mishandling must be filed with the airline. If no airline claim is filed you will not be entitled to their credit and we will demand full payment of the invoice


Transaction Documents

All transaction documents must be stamped and signed by the authorized personnel of the companies for validation as legal binding documents in all transactions.


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