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Aquamark Tropical Fish is a exporter of tropical ornamental fish with two of its partners in the managerial staff. Together, they have more than 20 years of experience in fish handling and trading and in the attention of all the necessities that are derived from the fish exportation and wholesale.

At Aquamark Tropical Fish we collect fish through our business partners at the different fishing zones from where they sent them to us to our facilities, close to the international airport. The process of fish conditioning is finalized in our facilities, where we give them an appropriate quarantine with a strict quality control.

Colombian fishing zones

Because our main objective is to be the more reliable and valuable business partners in your company supply chain, Aquamark Tropical Fish continually strives to:

  • Deliver a high quality service that means that we are always ready to help you, to listen to your needs and to develop solutions designed to fit those needs. We are committed to accomplish that by always maintaining excellent communication with each one of our business partners (customers).
  • Ship only high quality fish, carefully handled and conditioned.
  • Let our business partners focus on their company goals, that means for example that you will never have to be worried about the arrival of a shipment or about the fish that you will receive because we always ship on time the fish that you order.
  • Have the lowest DOA. We can be proud that our packing techniques combined with the highest quality fish control and with the proper handling of the fish let us have an average DOA that is below 5%.
  • Offer competitive prices. To be able to do this we combine our highly experienced staff with the latest technological advances in the appropriate facilities.

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